OxHRH Webinar-The Right to Security: Securing Rights or Securitzing Rights? -Dr Liora Lazarus (Oxford University)

by | Mar 30, 2016

The OxHRH with the support of the Bertha Foundation, is pleased to continue it’s innovative webinar series with an exciting webinar from Associate Professor Dr Liora Lazarus (Oxford University) on the right to security.

The webinar will focus on  the historical origins, philosophical foundations, legal protection, and political implications of the right to security.  It will show how the right has the potential to protect individuals at risk of harm, while also playing into a larger process of rights securitization.

The webinar is unique in that it will allow academics, students, policy-makers from all over the world to participate in the OxHRH seminars. Participants will be able to listen to Associate Professor Dr Liora Lazarus and interact with the power-point slides. This will be an interactive webinar where participants will be asked throughout the seminar to provide their opinion on key aspects of current developments in security which will then be included in the seminar. Following the seminar, there will be a questions and answer session.

Participants can submit their questions via the Oxford Human Rights Hub twitter account @OxHRH using the hashtag #R2security or they can email questions to oxfordhumanrightshub@law.ox.ac.uk.

To participate:

  • Sign up here
  • To participate in the live webinar, visit here from 2pm (BST) on Thursday June 9, 2016.

The webinar will be recorded and archived on the OxHRH website, so those who are unable to participate on June 9 can still access the webinar.

For those in Oxford, please do participate as a live audience member! If you are able to participate, we kindly ask that you arrive by 1:45pm at IT Services at 13 Banbury Road. 

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