Panel Discussion – Interaction with Legal Academics with Disabilities

admin - 13th November 2020

1 December, 12.30-2:30pm GMT, 6-8pm IST.

Panelists: Professor Michael Stein, Professor Peter Blanck, Professor Paul Harpur, Professor Shirish Deshpande, Dr. Sanjay Jain and Professor Anna Lawson.

Moderator: Professor Sandra Fredman.

Even in 2020, legal academics with disabilities have to confront a number of additional obstacles, relative to their able-bodied counterparts, to thrive in the profession. These range from addressing concerns about their capacity to effectively manage and teach large batches of students to the challenges faced in accessing and producing academic content. From finding a way to develop an effective referencing system to discharging the administrative duties that are a part of the job. In this panel discussion, it will be our endeavour to shed light on the pathways that can be adopted to effectively counter these challenges. What practical strategies have our panelists deployed to address the roadblocks in their paths posed by their disability? How difficult is it to gain the confidence of students and administrators, and how can this be achieved? How do these challenges change depending on the stage of one’s academic career? Have our panelists faced any obstacles for which no answers have yet been found by them?

This panel is part of: It Can be Done!: Three-Day International Summit on Legal Professionals with Disabilities (1-2-3 December 2020, 6.00 to 8.00pm IST, 12.30 to 2:30pm GMT).

For more details on the summit see here.

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