RightsUp! OxHRH Team Wins AHRC-TORCH Graduate Fund Award

admin - 19th March 2015

The podcasting team at the OxHRH has won an AHRC-TORCH Graduate Fund Award to develop a new podcast series on comparative human rights law.

‘RightsUp’ – a new ‘magazine style’ podcast series set to launch in Trinity Term 2015 will take on some of the most topical and challenging questions of the day. With interviews from human rights academics, practitioners and policy makers from around the globe, the team will investigate how human rights come up in these challenges and also the potential solutions.

The team was delighted to be recognised by the AHRC-TORCH Graduate Fund – an innovative inter-disciplinary initiative supporting graduate students, their ideas, and the realisations of their projects.

The RightsUp team is supported by the Oxford Human Rights Hub, and is grateful for the advisory assistance and collaborative support of Professor Sandra Fredman and the OxHRH team.

About the RightsUp team:

Kira Allmann is a DPhil candidate in Oriental Studies, where her research focuses on social media and evolving digital

geographies of political resistance in the Middle East. She joins the OxHRH podcasting team with years of experience in broadcasting and interviewing and campaigning with activists and human rights defenders throughout the world.

Max Harris is an Associate-Director of the Oxford Human Rights Hub, an Examination Fellow at All Souls College, a researcher for Free Speech Debate, and a freelance writer. His primary research interests are in constitutional law, criminal law, and the state of progressive politics today.

Laura Hilly is a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Oxford Human Rights Hub, an Australian and UK qualified lawyer, the Managing Editor of the Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog and a NPR addict. She has just completed a doctorate at the Oxford Faculty of Law on gender and the judiciary, and teaches and researches in the areas of human rights law, equality law, employment law, feminist legal theory and courts and procedure.


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