#VisibleWikiWomen Edit-a-thon: Learn How to Edit Wikipedia and Fight Gender Bias Online

admin - 16th November 2018
Join Whose Knowledge? and Wikimedia UK for a Wikipedia edit-a-thon to hack gender bias on the world’s most visited website!
When: Friday, November 23, 5-8 PM
Where: Rhodes House, Oxford
Register: Eventbrite

Only around 1 in 10 Wikipedia editors self-identifies as female, and less than 25% of biographies on Wikipedia are about women.When women’s faces are missing from Wikipedia, their invisibility spreads both online and offline.

Help us make more women visible on Wikipedia! The #VisibleWikiWomen edit-a-thon is a chance to learn how to add images to Wikimedia Commons and edit Wikipedia articles alongside experienced Wikipedia editors….It takes a multitude of us working together to tackle the skewed representation of knowledge online and build an internet that’s truly by, of, and for all of us.

Participants of all genders and none are welcome!

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