Win a copy of Glenn Greenwald's "No Place to Hide"

admin - 16th May 2014

The OxHRH is pleased to host a series of events this term, looking at issues of conflict and national security.


  • On 13 May, Ivan Koedjikov, Counter-Terrorism Coordinator at the Council of Europe, spoke about human rights challenges in countering terrorism.
  • On 5 June, Professor Fiona de Londras will give a talk at the Oxford Law Faculty on EU rights and counter-terrorism.
  • On 9 June, Dr David Scharia, Coordinator of the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee, will present on whether courts can review national security.


In conjunction with this exciting line-up, the OxHRH is offering one lucky winner a copy of Glenn Greenwald’s explosive new publication, “No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA and the Surveillance State.” “No Place to Hide” is the inside story of one of the greatest national security leaks in US history – one which revealed the shocking extent of international government surveillance, including that of the NSA’s closest partner, the UK’s GCHQ, and sparked a global debate on privacy.


For information on how to win a copy, please visit our Facebook page.

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