Call for Papers: EUI conference on ‘Gender in Law and Courts: Uneasy Encounters?’

by | Jul 2, 2019

The Department of Law of the European University Institute (EUI) and the PluriCourts Centre on the Legitimacy of the International Judiciary at the University of Oslo (PluriCourts) are hosting a one-day conference on gender and sexualities in international and European laws and courts on 8 November 2019 at Villa Salviati, European University Institute, Florence (Italy).

The conference will gather critical, original and provocative perspectives on gendered tensions in the law. The event is organised by Sophia Ayada (EUI), Giovanna Gilleri (EUI), Matilda Merenmies (EUI), convened by Professor Andreas Føllesdal (PluriCourts) and Professor Geir Ulfstein (PluriCourts) and sponsored by Professor Martin Scheinin (EUI).

Possible themes include, but are not limited to:

  • gender equality and non-discrimination, the potentialities offered by supranational legal orders
  • temporary special measures/affirmative action
  • intersections of race, gender, age and/or class and their legal dimensions
  • subjectivity formations in relation to gender, sexual, religious, class and linguistic difference
  • legal definitions of sex- and gender-related categories
  • exclusionary effects of hierarchical and patriarchal interpretations of gender
  • gender-variant communities and legal recognition
  • sexual rights and disabilities
  • sexuality and parenthood, sexual citizenship
  • gender-based violence, including male-male, female-female, male-female, female-male (and beyond) violent acts
  • gendered conflicts in peacetime and wartime
  • post-identitarian approaches to sexual rights, transcending ‘lesbian’, ‘gay’, ‘bi’, ‘trans’, ‘intersex’ categories
  • law, gender and religion
  • access to justice and gender-sensitive remedies
  • judicial reasoning and gender stereotypes

The conference seeks to gather scholars that investigate the tensions between gendered legal classifications and gendered subjectivities, and/or the influence of gender in supranational justice (or at national and/or local levels provided that that the domestic aspect is discussed in relation with the supranational legal regime). It aims to stimulate reciprocal and active exchanges between professors, post-doctoral and doctoral researchers engaged with the legal aspects of gender and sexuality, who apply a critical, feminist and/or queer approach. We welcome boundary-crossing contributions from different legal fields, as well as anthropological, psychological, sociological and historical studies.

Please find attached the call for papers for more details.

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