Call for participation: Training of facilitators on Holistic Security

by | May 27, 2022

Urgent Action Fund Africa is pleased to announce a call for applications for a training of facilitators for North African feminists and womn human rights defenders.

Location: online
Time: 10 days divided between July and August 2022
Application deadline: 09 June 2022
Language of the training: English

About the training:

The training aims at building feminist focal points in Northern Africa trained on the concept of holistic security as described and defined in the Holistic Security Manual ( through a training of facilitators for womn human rights defenders from the region. The training will not only train womn defenders on the manual as it is, but it will seek to inform the Arabic translated manual with their lived experiences so the manual becomes contextualized to their realities.

From the applications, two facilitators will be selected from each country to co-facilitate future holistic security trainings for feminists and womn human rights defenders in their country.

Who should apply?

  • You are a feminist and/or a womn human rights defender from North Africa
  • You are working in a local feminist collective and/or organization based in North Africa
  • You have experience in one or more of the areas of holistic security, care and well-being (physical, legal, digital, and/or psychosocial security) or similar areas of activist care
  • You personally have the time and energy to commit to attending the full training days
  • You are willing to work collaboratively with another facilitator from your country to conduct future holistic security trainings in your country
  • You have the support of your collective/organization or other networks to get in touch with other organizations or feminist activists to run holistic security trainings
  • Your English language skills are sufficient to participate in the training.

Apply here.

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted in the third week of June for a conversation.

For more information:

For any inquiries, please email:

 [1]Our use of womn is an act of challenging and replacing traditional ideas of what and who a womn is and can be and the links of women to a system of patriarchy where womn are, in effect, subject to men or a sub-category of men. Other formulations used by feminists and others include womxn, womyn and wom_n. Womn’ for us includes lesbian, bisexual womn and transwomn. Further, womn includes those who are non-binaried, identifying with neither gender.

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