Europol’s Investigations into the Trafficking of Human Beings

admin - 24th June 2014

The Human Trafficking Discussion Group is hosting Sergio D’Orsi, of Europol, to lead a discussion on Europol’s investigations into the trafficking of human beings.



Date – 24 June

Time – 6:30pm

Venue – The Mure Room, Merton College, OX1 4JD


Trafficking in human beings (THB) affects all EU countries, with the number of victims just in Europe estimated to be hundreds of thousands. This form of crime abuses individuals’ human rights and treats men, women and children as commodities through, for example, sexual and labour exploitation. Europol regularly supports high-level human trafficking investigations, providing on-the-spot operational support through its mobile office, and giving access to our criminal databases and analytical tools. This has resulted in disrupting the activities of many criminal networks involved in THB.


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