Forthcoming talk: ‘Migration: The Movement of Humankind from Prehistory to the Present’

admin - 28th October 2019

Migration: The Movement of Humankind from Prehistory to the Present
Professor Robin Cohen, Professor Emeritus of Development Studies, University of Oxford
Tuesday 12 November, 5pm – 6pm at the Oxford Martin School, followed by book signing and drinks reception

Migration is present at the dawn of human history – the phenomena of hunting and gathering, seeking seasonal pasture and nomadism being as old as human social organisation itself. The flight from natural disasters, adverse climatic changes, famine, and territorial aggression by other communities or other species were also common occurrences. But if migration is as old as the hills, why is it now so politically sensitive? Why do migrants leave? Where do they go, in what numbers and for what reasons? Do migrants represent a threat to the social and political order? Are they none-the-less necessary to provide labour, develop their home countries, increase consumer demand and generate wealth? Can migration be stopped? One of Britain’s leading migration scholars, Robin Cohen, will probe these issues in this talk.

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