Introducing a New Human Rights Blog the African Court of Human and People's Rights Monitor

admin - 10th August 2015
The  ACtHPR Monitor is an exciting new blog bringing together academics, practitioners, NGOs and other stakeholders engaged with the African Court on Human and People’s Rights. The Court was established in 2006 by the African Union with a mandate to protect human rights in Africa.  Every country apart from South Sudan has signed up to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights so in theory almost every African citizen is protected, but only  only 29 countries have signed up to the Court, and only seven allow its citizens and NGOs direct access to the Court. There is huge potential of the Court, but there are significant questions on how it could truly be a continental human rights court and the number of people who could use it to enforce their rights?
The aim of The ACtHPR Monitor is to provide information to potential applicants on how to bring cases before the Court and a Country Tracker setting out the status of every African country. The second aim of the blog is to encourage comment and debate on the Court by academics, practitioners and anyone interested in the Court and African human rights, including answering important questions on how it can help and where it needs to improve. The ACtHPR Monitor is entirely independent of the Court, governments and NGOs.

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