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by | Sep 21, 2021

The OxHRH would like to showcase the latest human rights publications from our global network. The latest editions are:

Giuliano Amato, Benedetta Barbisan and Cesare Pinelli (eds), Rule of Law vs Majoritarian Democracy (Hart Publishing, 2021)

Jonathan Andrew and Frédéric Bernard (eds), Human Rights Responsibilities in the Digital Age: States, Companies and Individuals (Hart Publishing, 2021)

Carolina Caeiro, Kate Jones and Emily Taylor, ‘Technical Standards and Human Rights: The Case of New Ip’ in Human Rights in a Changing World (Chatham House and Brookings Institution Press, forthcoming) <>

Olivier Corten, The Law Against War: The Prohibition on the Use of Force in Contemporary International Law (2nd edn, Hart Publishing, 2021)

Paul Craig, ‘Constitutionality, Convention and Prorogation’ in Daniel Clarry (ed), The UK Supreme Court Yearbook, Volume 10: 2018–2019 Legal Year (Appellate Press, 2021)

Sandra Fredman, ‘A Human Rights Approach: The Right to Education in the Time of Covid‐19’ (2021) Child Development 1

Daniella Lock, Pablo Grez Hidalgo and Fiona de Londras, ‘Parliament’s One-Year Review of the Coronavirus Act 2020: Another Example of Parliament’s Marginalisation in the Covid-19 Pandemic’ (2021) The Political Quarterly 1

Theodor Meron, Standing up for Justice: the Challenges of Trying Atrocity Crimes (OUP, 2021)

Lilian Tsourdi and Cathryn Costello, ‘The Evolution of EU Law on Refugees and Asylum’ in Paul Craig and Gráinne de Búrca (eds),The Evolution of EU Law (3rd edn, OUP, 2021)

Tara L White and Meghan A Gonsalves, ‘Dignity Neuroscience: Universal Rights are Rooted in Human Brain Science’ (2021) Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1

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