New Research: Combating global religious intolerance: the implementation of Human Rights Council resolution 16/18

admin - 4th March 2015

On 12 February 2015, OxHRH Associate Director Dr Nazila Ghanea presented the Universal Rights Group’s report  ‘Combating Global Religious Intolerance: the Implementation of Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18’ in Geneva, which she co-authored. The other panelists were Ambassador Keith Harper (US), Ambassador Zamir Akram (Pakistan), Ambassador Mehmet Ferden Carikci (Turkey) and Mr Mark Matthews (Deputy Permanent Representative, UK) with Mr Marc Limon, Director of Universal Rights Group, in the Chair.

Over 110 participants, mostly diplomats, came to discuss the UN human rights response to religious intolerance, and particularly the implementation of Human Rights Council resolution A/HRC/RES/16/18 on “Combating intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization of, and discrimination, incitement to violence, and violence against persons based on religion or belief”.

Photos from the event can be found here.


  1. Adrian says:

    Je Suis Charlie !

    A/HRC/RES/16/18 is a disgrace, an afront to freedom of speech, an insult to the dead Charlie Hebdo staff members.

    Backdoor islamic blasphemy laws – will we be executing blasphemers as they regularly do in Pakistan?

    Who could support such intolerance towards freedom of speech?

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