#NoTechForTyrants Teach Out: Wednesday, March 11

admin - 10th March 2020

In this action-oriented teach-out in solidarity with the ongoing UCU strike, we’ll be talking about the connections between Oxford and surveillance software sold to foreign regimes to monitor, control, and oppress people within their jurisdictions. Topics will include: political economy of software sales, the uneven geography of global surveillance software production, and impact on migrant populations. 

2-4 PM, Somerville College, Park 5

Panel introductions will be followed by group discussion and action-planning!


Dr Kira Allmann, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Media Law & Policy, University of Oxford

Andreas Tsamados, MSc Student at the Oxford Internet Institute

Mahsa Alimardani, DPhil Student at the Oxford Internet Institute

Dr Peaks Krafft, Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute

Oxford Migrant Solidarity, a student-led movement promoting the rights of migrants, of all legal statuses, in Oxford (the University and town), the U.K. and internationally

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