Online Course for International Electoral Observers

by | Sep 21, 2021

Open and legitimate elections are the indispensable foundation for sustainable development and an effective democracy. Actions supporting the right to participate in genuine elections can play a major role in sustaining peace, security and conflict prevention. This requires skilled and trained observers.

Since 2012 the Global Campus has trained more than 400 short term observers through its onsite courses in Venice Lido. After the successful brand new online edition of February 2021, a second edition of the course will offer selected participants a new challenging experience in distance learning education.

Why choose this online course?

  • practical exercises, real life simulations and case studies led by a team of electoral observation experts
  • live debates with experts and representatives of sending authorities
  • collaborative online tools, live exchange and networking with peers
  • small class size to increase interaction and communication between instructors and participants
  • availability of experts and training responsible to provide feedback and answer individual questions.

Course dates: 15 – 20 November 2021, with daily live sessions

Application deadline: 29 October 2021

Target audience: all participants willing to acquire practical skills useful for further engagements in the field as STO, as well as political experts, analysts, journalists, consultants, and researchers willing to deepen their knowledge on the functioning of an electoral observation mission from a multi-disciplinary approach.

For more information, contact the Global Campus at or visit here.

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