Over 8000 Followers on the OxHRH Twitter Page

admin - 11th July 2016

When we launched the OxHRH Blog in June 2012, we had a clear aspiration: to offer an intellectual space that could be resourced and shaped by contributors from all over the globe, sharing their analysis of cutting edge human rights law developments. This vision rapidly materialised.  Since 2012, the OxHRH Blog has featured over 1,200 posts written by more than 400 experts, from 40 different countries, ranging from the UK to Thailand, Romania to Uruguay, Mexico to Qatar, Rwanda to Spain, India to Australia, and many, many more.

The Blog is now a well-known resource, reflected by the 12,000 unique visitors each month to the OxHRH website and over 8,000 followers on the OxHRH Twitter page.

Thank-you to all your readers and contributors for making the OxHRH Blog a global network!

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