OxHRH Collaborates with Oxfam on Action4Justice—Kenya Project

admin - 24th July 2018

OxHRH is delighted to be collaborating with Oxfam on Action4Justice. This project will be undertaken by OxHRH Researcher Victoria Miyandazi.

Action4Justice is a group of NGOs united to support public interest litigation worldwide. The initiative seeks to improve access to social justice for the poor and marginalised communities by providing practical, accessible and relevant “how to” advice on public interest litigation to lawyers, NGOs and civil society organisations working with these communities in both rural and urban areas. This is done through freely accessible information and advice in localised Action4Justice websites tailor-made for each focus country based on content developed and generated at the local level by interaction with various stakeholders, and for the benefit of a local audience. The initiative was piloted in Uganda where the first spoke site was established.

Oxfam in collaborating with the Oxford Human Rights Hub is now in the process of researching and investigating the viability of establishing another spoke site in Kenya. This involves identifying the various stakeholders and ascertaining the capabilities, focus areas, key priorities and needs of voluntary legal networks in Kenya. The Project will be carried out by OxHRH Researcher Victoria Miyandazi and will be supervised by OxHRH Director, Professor Sandra Fredman and Oxfam’s Content Editor in Chief, James Gardner.

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