See It From Her : Borderless-Celebrating Difference

by | May 25, 2017

See It From Her Presents: ‘Borderless: Celebrating Difference’

11th June, 12pm-10pm Trinity Centre Bristol
An all day event of women taking back power and space. The event will explore identity and celebrate difference through discussions, workshops, performances and imagery.

SIFH’s self-portrait exhibition: ‘Powerful Women’ exploring identity, by women in Bristol. Stalls from some of our favourite groups, projects and charities in Bristol, delicious food and drink, speakers and short films.

UNTIL 6.30pm:

Workshops including: Voguing, superwomen badge-making, empowerment cross-stitch and a collage workshop from the Paper Girl.

91 Ways to Build a Global City will be sharing food and stories from around the world.

FROM 12pm:

Women Of The World:

We are very excited to be collaborating with the amazing WOW to start the day off. Watch this space for more updates on this.
FROM 2pm:

We have two very exciting Panel Discussions:

The first one on understanding sexism, objectification and rape culture and the second on xenophobia, racism and hate crime.

We have some amazing speakers confirmed who are experts in this field by having actually experienced the issues discussed. -To be announced next week but expect faces from BEEF, gal-dem, Bristol Is The New Black, Safe Space, Ujima and VOIC.

FROM 6.30pm:

Live music and performances by women and non-binary folk: Watch This Space for announcements

We are thrilled to announce that for the evening we will be collaborating with THORNY and SAFFRON RECORDS who will both be doing takeovers to showcase some of their incredible acts.

Tickets to this event are FREE but you need to book early to guarantee entry


About: Why are we doing this?

We are living in a time of fear, anger and division. As a result of current politics and our media, we are witnessing barriers and walls being put up between people. Even more misunderstandings of each others identities and different communities leads us to isolate ourselves putting great distance between one another.

In response, now more than ever, is the time to encourage communication, human connection, and create environments where we support and understand each other.

We need to figure out how we formed the distance amongst us in order to be able to mend those relationships, we need to listen to each other and understand our individual experiences and we need to focus on what makes us stronger together and celebrate our differences and individual identity. 

This is why SIFH want to have an event where the platform is for those who are most affected by current oppressions.

In our society the voices of women and oppressed genders are often ignored: although the event is open to everyone, the day will be led by women (trans, intersex and cis) and non-binary people with particular focus on people of colour.

See It From Her wants to invite people from all backgrounds, experiences, and communities to the event: Borderless, to break the borders between us, rediscover what connects us and to hear the voices of those who need to be heard.

We will explore different ways of building understanding and empathy through creative expression: workshops, talks and panel discussions and visuals. There will be a photography exhibition and short films that help explore these ideas.

It is so important to not only hear and understand people’s experiences from them, but to own our own identity and for others to acknowledge and respect us for who we are.

Lets connect our communities,

 Break down these borders,

Listen to each other,

Find kindness, power and love.


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