OxHRH Associate Tarun Khaitan Awarded the 2018 Letten Prize

by | Aug 7, 2018

On 20 March 2018, the Letten Prize for young researchers was launched by Letten Foundation and the Young Academy of Norway. When the first call for applications ended, well over 200 applications from researchers from all over the world had been received. From the impressive diversity of applicants, a unanimous committee shortlisted five candidates, from whom Tarunabh Khaitan was chosen as the winner.

Tarunabh Khaitan (from India) is affiliated with the University of Melbourne and Wadham College, University of Oxford. He works across several disciplines including discrimination law, constitutional law, legal theory, political philosophy, democratic theory, constitutional design, and ethics. In his scholarly activities, Khaitan has brought to the fore the stark and unjust inequalities that characterize present day society, not only in his native India but also in other countries. His engagement extends way beyond his academic publishing: he has been active in mentoring young academics from the global South, and founded India’s leading academic law journal. He has written numerous articles for Indian newspapers and actively disseminated his research in other media. His work has had an impact on law in India as well as in Europe and thus on the society at large.

Khaitan’s achievements meet all the criteria listed in the call for the Letten Prize. He has conducted groundbreaking research on the root causes of inequality and injustice – a research that is undoubtedly of great relevance and that addresses one of the major challenges of present-day society. His work bears on several of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, not least goal 10 (reduced inequalities) and 16 (peace, justice, and strong institutions). It is clear that his research has had – and will continue to have – an impact across national borders. His research is truly interdisciplinary in nature, and his proficiency in science dissemination is well documented. His work serves as a sterling example of research that combines scientific excellence and rigor with a true social engagement. Tarunabh Khaitan will stand as a worthy recipient of the 2018 Letten Prize.” For the full quote, please visit www.lettenprize.com.

Runners-up for 2018 Letten Prize

  • Robert Aldridge (University College London) – public health
  • Nassim El Achi (Global Health Institute-American University of Beirut) – safe water management
  • Sophie Harman (Queen Mary University of London) – international relations and global health
  • Jorge Viñuales (Clare College, University of Cambridge) – environmental law For more information about the runners-up, visit the www.lettenprize.com

About the Letten Prize

The Letten Prize of 2 million NOK (ca. 215 000 EUR/260 000 USD) will be awarded every other year to a young researcher under the age of 45 who conducts research aimed at solving global challenges within the fields of health, development, environment and equality in all aspects of human life. The prize is awarded by the Letten Foundation in partnership with the Young Academy of Norway. The prize honours the legacy of Prof. Letten F. Saugstad (1925-2014).

Find out more about the winner, shortlisted candidates and the Letten Prize on www.lettenprize.com.

Contact persons

Borghild Roald (Letten Foundation)

email: b.b.h.roald@medisin.uio.no. Phone: +47 950 85 835

Magnus Aronsen (The Young Academy of Norway)

email: kontakt@akademietforyngreforskere.no Phone: +47 99268241

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