New Publication: Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law-Cases, Codes, Constitutions & Commentary by Oppenheimer, Foster & Han (Foundation Press).

admin - 12th August 2015

This is a US-style “casebook” (textbook), which collects edited cases, codes, and constitutions, plus commentary from many scholars from across the globe, on critical issues of comparative equality ad anti-discrimination law. Each section begins with an examination of US law, followed by European law (EU, Council of Europe and individual states), followed by law from other regions or states (including Brazil, India, South Africa, Canada, Mexico). Topics include Employment Discrimination; Reproductive Rights; Secularism and the Rights of Religious Minorities; Marriage Equality; Hate Speech; Affirmative Action; and Federalism. The book is accompanied by an extensive Teachers’ Manual and a web-based supplement.

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