Abortion Law Reform 2020: Where, How and Why

by | Jul 7, 2021

Abortion Law Reform 2020: Where, How and Why is a blog series by the Oxford Human Rights Hub which examines the process of legal change in six countries where significant reforms in abortions laws were introduced in 2020.

This blog series explores how the reform in abortion law came about in the six countries under study: India, Northern Ireland, Argentina, Poland, South Korea and New Zealand. These countries were chosen because their abortion laws underwent significant reform during 2020. While much has been written about the nature of legal changes brought in by the reform, the process of introducing the reform, and what the process says about the interaction between various actors in introducing legal and social change, remains under-explored. The series aims to fill this gap by looking closely at the actors involved—courts, the legislature, social movements—in initiating the legal reform, and how they worked together, or in some cases against each other, to bring about the reform.

This series has been curated by OxHRH Blog Editor, Gauri Pillai and we are grateful for all her hard working in bringing together this invaluable resource on abortion law reform.

Gauri Pillai, ‘Abortion Law Reform 2020: Where, How and Why

Dipika Jain, ‘Law Reforms on Abortion in India: The Need for a Nuanced Collaborative Approach

Fiona Bloomer, ‘New Abortion Legislation in Northern Ireland

Atina Krajewska, ‘Abortion Law Reform in Poland: Role of Powerful Multi-Actor Alliances

Sunhye Kim, ‘If Abortion is a Crime, the State is a Criminal: The Role of Reproductive Justice Movements in Challenging South Korea’s Abortion Ban’

Stephanie Sadler and Kelle Howson, ‘Functional as the Enemy of Fair: Seizing the Moment for Rights-Based Abortion Reform in Aotearoa’

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