Together for Yes-Global Perspectives on Women’s Right to Access an Abortion

by | May 16, 2018

On Friday May 25, Ireland will hold a referendum on repealing the 8th Amendment which constitutionalizes the right to life of the unborn and creates a near total ban on abortion. The OxHRH supports the Together for Yes campaign that seeks to repeal the 8th Amendment and protect women’s sexual and reproductive health rights.

In solidarity and in the lead up to the referendum next week, we will be showcasing blogs and podcasts that discuss women’s right to access abortion around the world.

OxHRH Blogs

The Irish Referendum and the Road to Safe, Legal Abortion-Fiona de Londras

Abolition of Social Grounds for Abortion in Bolvia-Ligia de Jesus Castaldi

Is Consent of the Husband Needed for an Abortion in India?-Aradhana Cherupara Vadekkethil

Legalization of Abortion on Three Grounds in Chile-Ligia de Jesus Castaldi

Whole Women’s Health: A Call for Evidence-Based Regulation of Abortion-Reva Siegel

Render Abortion Unconstitutional? Article 28 of Zambia’s New Draft Constitution-Yaliwe Clarke

Conservative Mobilization in Latin America and Its Impacts on Women’s and Adolescents’ Human Rights-Marta Rodriguez de Assis Macahdo

Abortion in Texas: Does Casey Still Have Content?-Carol Sanger

Abortion, Autonomy and The Deep Blue Sea: The Supreme Court’s Decision in R(On the Application of A and B) v Secretary of State for Health-Helen Mountfield

Conscientious Objection or Conscious Oppression? The Uphill Battle to Access Abortion Services in Uruguay-Lucia Berro

A and B v Secretary of State for Health: A Step in the right direction? – Keina Yoshida

Ireland’s Abortion Ban: Subjecting Women to Suffering and Discrimination – Fiona de Londras

Conscientious Objection or Oppression: That is the Question – Pedro Montano

Judging Abortion in Northern Ireland: Facing Challenges, Taking Opportunities – Kathryn McNeilly

Abortion Law in Ireland: A model for Change – Fiona de Londras

Abortion as a Human Right: Should Law in Ireland be Reformed? – Paul Ostwald

Northern Ireland’s Human Rights Commission Granted Leave for Judicial Review to Challenge the Court’s Near Blanket Ban on Abortion – Richard Martin

The Uneasy Decision in A and B v Secretary of State for Health – Beth Grossman

Abortion Law Reforms in Ireland – Mairead Enright

RightsUp #RightNow Podcast

About Abortion-Carol Sanger

OxHRH Working Paper Series 

Claiming and Defending Abortion Rights in South Africa – Cathi Albertyn, (2014) 2 OxHRH Working Paper Series 5



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